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15th-Sep-2015 03:51 am - How The West Ward Was Won [1/2]
Title: How The West Ward Was Won
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo, hinted!Minseok/Luhan
Wordcount: 11.8k
Warning: copious amounts of dumbness and cameos from other groups, brief mention of high school frottage, Dark Curses
Disclaimer: i don't own any real people mentioned in this fanfiction
Notes: my meager first attempt at baeksoo which can also be found here @exolliarmus, the EXO Harry Potter au exchange. Also, thanks to my beta reader thatredpanda and all the beautiful girls who held my hand through this adventure ♥
Summary: Baekhyun finds many creative ways to end up on a hospital bed in the West Ward of St. Mungo’s Hospital, where Mediwizard Do Kyungsoo works.

(Healer Do?Your favorite patient is waiting in the ER.)Collapse )
Title: Breathless (with a hint of hysteria)
Pairing/Focus: jongdae/baekhyun, OT4 (chanyeol/kyungsoo, hints of chanyeol/baekhyun/jongdae and baekhyun/kyungsoo)
Rating: R
Warnings: fluff, kids hanging from chandeliers, mentions of sex not in front of the children
Length: 21000~
Disclaimer: EXO members and/or former members do not belong to me
Notes: crossposted @ chinguline exchange
Summary: It takes three mischievous kids, an ex-boyfriend, an obnoxious best friend and a murderous babysitter club president for Baekhyun to realise that, while everyone may have been in love with him, only Jongdae stole his breath and only Jongdae can bring it back.

Jongdae kept his shirt, like he’s still keeping everything else. Half of Baekhyun’s most beloved possessions are still in Jongdae’s room, including Jongdae himself.Collapse )
10. El DoradoCollapse )

A/N: hi people ♥
- First and foremost, this fic was written for ohunlimited for my dear Cècile. Thank you for your precious prompts dear and sorry for all the mistakes. I've never written something so long, but for you I tried. I also want to thank all the people who've helped me. Poh, as usual, for being my pillar of support and my beta wife. Ele for listening me plot-rambling and for double checking everything at the end. Cla for existing and cheering me on, even if she didn't like the pairing. Line for being the first who read this story and for that beautiful fanart of the tower I have to ask her back. Ana for promising she'd read this even if it's not her favorite ship. Jenn for being my writing buddy for this exchange. Alex for the final help. And Cécile, who was with me through this without knowing it was for her.
- Almost all the quotes have been credited except maybe one, in the Third Interlude, at the end of Part 2. It's a heavy reference from the movie Inception. Also, the titles of all ten parts of this story come from the tracklist of EXO's Exodus album, but they were only chosen for their meaning, and not for the songs (I haven't heard them yet, lol).
- I wrote a series of baekyeol side stories and I'm slowly editing and posting them. You can find the first missing moment at my main journal here.
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